Our History

Aerial view of the house and gardens at the center of the farm

Ranch del Gallo

Our adventure into farming began in Scotland through a Border Collie from the RSPCA. Max, a stray from the streets of Glasgow, turned out to be a wonder dog all on his own. Though Border Collies have the instincts for working sheep, it is up to the farmer to teach them the commands they need to know. For his training, we took Max to Viv Billingham in The Borders.

Viv is a world-renowned trainer and judge of sheep dog trials, also appearing on the British long running TV series One Man and his Dog. It was Viv who identified Max as "one in a million" and sale-able to a farmer for upwards of $3000 USD.



But we didn’t sell Max. Instead, we bought him some sheep. He went on to work for other farms as well and proved himself many times over. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Max was, from the first day, he read Adi's mind. Max frequently worked sheep out of sight of Adi and out of hearing range but never failed to accomplish the task Adi had in mind. Even more evidence of his brilliance was that if Max encountered a problem Adi wasn’t aware of, Max solved the problem and completed the task on his own.

When at home Max would spontaneously come out of his dog house and appear at the kitchen door looking in the window. Within 5 minutes Adi would come to take Max for a walk. Max always knew before I did.

When we moved to South Australia we bought a farm and Max had his own domain. Along with sheep we had Dexter and Jersey cattle, 13 donkeys, a mule, and several horses. We continued farming biodynamically in Australia until we returned to Colorado in 2006 and slowly converted to a homeodynamic system.

A Farm through the seasons

Winter on the Farm

Winter is a time of withdrawing into the rhythms of the farm in a more introspective way. The summer chores in the fields are mainly done and the hay is all in the barn. The animals are moving slowly through the fields during these days as the grass available to them has reduced etheric vitality as the forces have withdrawn into the earth. At the dairy, we keep hay in the field for the the cows as well as in the paddocks around the milking parlour so they always have plenty to eat. Cows love that!

meet our Team

Seminars, Workshops & Festivals

  • Enzo Nastati

    Since 2013, we have been bringing Enzo Nastati from Eureka Institute in Italy to train us in Homeodynamics and Spiritual Agriculture. We have expanded the programs to include Spiritual Architecture seminars and hands-on workshops as well. Information, DVDs or transcripts of past seminars, and future seminar schedules are available through Viva la Vida Foundation. vivalavidafoundation.org

  • Bee Guardianship

    Corwin Bell from Backyard Hives in Eldorado Springs, Colorado comes each spring to give a variety of beekeeping seminars. These focus on guardianship of the bees rather than commercial honey production. Corwin’s methods use top bar hives which allow the bees to construct their homes to suit their changing needs. www.backyardhive.com

  • Seasonal Festivals

    Every year we host a celebration of the seasons at Spring Equinox, St John’s Day (June 24), Michaelmas (September 29), and events over the Holy Nights (December 24 - January 6). We place special emphasis on the making of Three Kings Preparation on New Year’s Eve and stirring of that prep on Epiphany (January 6th).