Ernest Ruble Greenwood

July 17, 1918 ~ December 10, 2015
An image of the late Ernest Ruble Greenwood

When we started to build the new milking room in the barn, I put a “Wanted To Buy” ad in the local “shopper” newspaper looking for stanchions. I got a call from a man who said, “I’ve got an old dairy on my farm that I don’t need. It’s really old, but you can have it if you want it.” We went to look and it was perfect: a three-stanchion set up, with all the equipment.

On the way home, I stopped by the local blacksmith’s shop and he told me the dairy had belonged to Ernie Greenwood, and I had just missed meeting him as Ernie had passed away a couple of weeks earlier at the age of 97. I called the funeral home, they put me in touch with one of Ernie’s daughters, and I asked for photos of Ernie to put up in the dairy.

Ernie was born with very poor eyesight and eventually was left totally blind as a result of unsuccessful surgeries when he was 20. He continued to help his parents run their dairy until they retired, and then Ernie ran the dairy himself for several more decades. Ernie milked his cows and ran the dairy totally blind!

We are so pleased to put "Ernie’s dairy" back into service and keep a bit of this local history alive.

Moments with Ernie

Ernie Greenwood as a young boy
Ernie in his 20s
Young Ernie Greenwood being silly
Ernie Greenwood with his mother and fathe