Fruits & Veggies

A bright green tub of chiles, tomatillos, eggplant, and tomatoes

Having a mixed fruit orchard within the chicken yard brings a balance to the elements supporting the fruit trees, as well as provide shade for the chickens. For example, copper is a common element sprayed on fruit trees to help combat fungal diseases and viruses. Since we do not use any chemical sprays, even those accepted in organic practices, the presence of chickens in the orchard aids the health of the trees. Chicken feathers have a high copper content and we will often bury chicken feather from our molting hens around the fruit trees. This provides a slow-release homeopathic dosage of naturally available copper as a protection to the trees.

We prune in a way that increases the radiation potential of our trees, particularly the stone fruit, and this gives etheric vitality to the entire farm.

In 2013 we made a preparation from spring water, grape juice, and olive oil and put it in sealed glass bottles which were buried under the roots of the trees. This preparation slowly releases through the microporosity of the glass and gives a homeopathic dose to the trees for around 30 years. The main benefit from this preparation is the activation of processes within the tree, but an evident side-effect is increased growth on the trees themselves.

In my spruce trees, the effect is more obvious since the new growth on conifers is a different color and texture than old growth. The first 6 months after the preparations were put under the trees, the spruce grew over 2.5 feet in height and the growth was visibly more bushy. A spruce tree normally only grows 6” per year! That phenomenal growth has continued now for two years.

A bowl of Blackberries
Flowers and veggies fresh from the garden
The garden in spring, newly planted
Spruce trees with exceptional growth
Pizzas in the wood oven made from farm fresh ingredients
Chiles in the wood fired chile roaster
A bowl of fresh picked Rasberries
Flowers amoung the veggies for beauty and quality