Churro Sheep

Small flock of multi-colored Churro sheep

We chose Churros for the farm because of their resilience and they are excellent mothers. A breed from the Navajo Reservation, they survive on little food and severe conditions - freezing cold and wind in the winters and heat and wind in the summers. Their colorful fleece is long staple and traditionally used in Navajo rug weaving. I usually give all my fleece to a friend in New Mexico who weaves fabulous rugs with it.

The meat of Churro lambs is highly prized for its tenderness and sweet flavor. Our flock has consistently produced good lambs. All of them have twins or even triplets, which they successfully raise every year.

Churro mom with twins
A Churro ram
A Border Collie bringing the flock to his master
Churro mom with one baby
Churros in their winter pasture
Churro sheep on the farm in early spring
Two Churros facing off
Churro sheep in winter pasture

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